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What Should a Healthy Meal Look Like?

Digestion is a process in the body that gives our body some of the nutrients and energy it requires for daily sustenance, in the right and adequate proportion. Other nutrients the body requires can be derived from other processes that take place in the body. All nutrients should be present in the right proportion before a meal can be said to be a balanced diet. If a meal does not contain any of these nutritional components mentioned below, then it is not a balanced diet. There are 6 major classes of food. Here are some details about these food classes. It is important to know that we must not joke with any of the classes of food as they all important to ensure proper functioning of the body systems.


Carbohydrate is a class of food that supplies the body with energy. Carbohydrates are also used as a building block of the nucleic acids that form DNA in our body. Some people don’t really like carbohydrates because they have heard one thing or the other about it. No matter what you might have heard about carbohydrates, it is very crucial to know that if it is lacking is your meal then, that meal is not a balanced diet. To ensure that you get what your body requires or needs from carbohydrates, ensure you reduce your intake of starchy carbohydrates and eat more of the less starchy ones. Examples of good sources of carbohydrates are sweet potatoes, banana, oats and so on.


Protein is an essential food class that helps in the creation of hormone; repair of tissues and also in muscular growth. This was also made profound in a diabetes loophole review. Proteins are found foods like dairy products, eggs, fish, and nuts. When it is consumed, it is broken down into amino acid by various digestive processes. Some sources of proteins are beans (soya beans), meat, fish, and eggs. If proteins are taken excessively it provides the body with energy. Proteins can be consumed by everyone including vegetarians.


Vitamins are present in our foods as organic chemicals and they help in different body functions such as building up of blood, tissues and bones, metabolism of macronutrients. Vitamins make up the group of nutrients called the micro nutrients. The major nutrients needed by the body are sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus magnesium, potassium, copper, boron, chromium, and manganese. The best source of vitamins is eating a diet consisting natural foods. If peradventure you do not have access to these vitamins as mentioned, you can take daily multivitamin tablets as a supplement.


Minerals are present in our food as inorganic chemicals that are; they do not occur naturally in the foods where they are found.  Minerals are the other part of micronutrients. The major minerals that are needed in our diets are potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, sulphur, chlorine, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, fluorine, manganese, selenium, cobalt and chromium. Taking a varied diet of natural and not processed foods help to supply the body with the required nutrients, also multi vitamin tablets is a good supplement too.


When most people in the society hear the word fat, they feel it is something that is not good for them, but little do they know that it is very important for a healthy life and optimum health. Fats have important roles they play in the body such as immune system support, hormone synthesis, and proper mental health. There are three types of fats namely: saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats. It is not all types of fats that should be avoided. The only type of fats that can be said to be unhealthy for the body is Trans-fat. Trans fat is a hydrogenated unsaturated fat in which hydrogen has been passed through it so that it can solidify at room temperature.Trans fat is mainly found in low-fat spreads. Foods that contain fats that are good for the body are oily fish such as salmon, olive oil, nuts.


Water is greatly required in the body for proper and easy digestion of food in the body. Our body composed of a great amount of water. You can only survive for few days without water so we can clearly see the important role water plays in our daily lives. Dehydration makes the brain to shrink. Proper hydration is necessary for digestion, brain function, healthy teeth, joints, bones, and skin. We must take at least 2 liters of water (about 8 cups), also we must be conscious of anything in form of additives we want to put in our water because they increase the number of calories in our body.

7 Incredible Belly Fat Transformations

lean belly breakthrough guide

When it comes to losing fat generally, there are some mistakes people make that makes it harder for them to lose fat or get rid of stubborn unwanted belly fat. This was confirmed by a lean belly breakthrough guide. However,  in this article, I will be sharing some simple tips of fat loss that you can start implementing today for a leaner belly.lean belly breakthrough guide

They are great tips that will help you transform your belly fat and you don’t have to worry about how you will implement them. This is because you might not implement all of them at the same time. This will not make them overwhelming for you.

If you are already lean of just looking to get a leaner belly, there is always one thing or the other that you can do about your midsection that will still make even the tiniest bit of transformation to your belly:

  • The Grocery Store

Fat loss starts from the grocery store. You should make effort to store up your kitchen with satiating and solid foods instead of purchasing unnecessary junks like pizza and candy.

Solid foods include rice, eggs, rye bread, red meat and peanut butter. With these, you will not easily fall into the temptation of eating junk while at home. Your option of junk foods will be totally eliminated.

Having a right shopping list with you as you go out to the store will help you stick with this.

  • Sleep Morelean belly breakthrough guide

Get more sleep, it helps to reduce appetite. If you constantly find yourself always craving for candy junk foods or you are having trouble with controlling your appetite, then it might be because you have not been sleeping well. Not sleeping well end up making a fat loss to become harder for you. Get up to 8-1o hours of sleep every night and you will see that you rarely crave sugar and junk food.

Just stay active all through the day, exercise your body and your brain trough learning and reading on a daily basis. All these activities could cause tiredness, which might help you t fall asleep faster.

  • Ditch The Cardio

To most people, when they think about exercising to lose fat, the first thing that comes to their mind is the treadmill. They picture spending hours every week on the every week.

Apart from the fact that cardio is boring; it will only end up increasing your appetite. So that after food, you just find yourself eating more foods. This will ruin your main purpose of burning calories. Instead of cardio, go for strength training since it will help you possibly build and maintain your muscle mass.

  • Proper Hydration

It is important to properly hydrate yourself in order to prevent water retention. Not drinking enough water makes the body release antidiuretic hormone, which makes the kidneys hold onto water.

When water is retained in the body tissue, it leads to bloating and skin puffiness. This makes you appear fatter that you actually are. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before going for a glass of water.

  • De-stress

The appearance of your midsection can be affected if there are Fluctuations in the steroid hormones, such as cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol are a factor that contributes to the accumulation of body fat around the waist.

Too much stress increases the cortisol. You have to maintain an optimal cortisol level by managing stress. Reducing cortisol levels in your body will make it easier to have your belly fat melted away.

  • Change Friendslean belly breakthrough guide

Spending most of your time with friends who snack on candy all day long or order pizza for dinner, it is normal that you pick up on those unhealthy eating habits.

It also won’t be easy to lose fat in the family around mom that always bakes a cake and a house full of junk foods, chocolate, and candy. Spend less time with friends or family that make it hard for you to eat right. ‘You are the average of your 5 best friends’.

  • Finally, Be Consistent

So far, there is no yet magic pill, exercise, and machine to transform your tummy. Along with the above, all you need is consistency. Be consistent with your training and nutrition. This is where you can achieve your final goal and the transformation you.


Life always has a way of disrupting well-laid plans. So, you just have to make sure Chocolate slim helps you are able to achieve 70% of whatever you ought to do. Just don’t entertain excuses from yourself. Be consistent in everything you do.

Top rated recipe for losing belly fats

Obesity can be likened to the accumulation of fats all around strategic body area. A lean belly breakthrough established the fact that most people who usually find themselves having pot belly have a feel it’s a sign of good living until it becomes uncontrollable. Pot Belly is simply an outcome you get after you have satisfied your craving almost every time. Doctors have however revealed that having pot belly is dangerous to the human health as it leads to some health complication causing untimely death. Thus, preventing this is why I have below some home remedies that would help melt off stored cholesterol from the body;

Lemon Juice:lean belly breakthrough

Lemon juice has tested and proven one of the very best home remedies for battling obesity. Lemon juice when taken helps in the improvement of digestion process in the body and also supports detoxification. You need to know that healthy digestion is just a good factor that supports weight loss. The lemon juice has in it some nutrients that are needed by the body to melt fats. Furthermore, lemon juice drinks have the power of flushing out toxins from your body, those that slows down metabolism activities in the body.

To get a good result from the use of lemon juice as a weight loss remedy, you need to mix 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, with a teaspoon of honey, and ½ teaspoon of black pepper powder in all in a glass of H2O (water). This solution should be taken early morning on empty stomach. If you can be active doing this for the next 3 months you should have melted off 30lbs or thereabout

Apple Cider Vinegar:lean belly breakthrough

Another very good remedy for obesity is the raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. From previous research, apple cider vinegar helps in protecting the body from fat accumulations which lead to obesity. Fats are broken down with the help of apple cider vinegar.

From experience mixing 2 teaspoons of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in one glass of water would be enough to break fat molecules. It can be taken before meal and also at morning hours. The apple cider vinegar solution can also have the lemon juice with it. Never try to abuse the spoon measures all in the name of getting faster results.

Aloe Vera:lean belly breakthrough

Aloe vera stimulates the body’s metabolism thus is good for treating obesity. It also increases your level of energy consumption and works on fat which are unused by the body. Aloe vera has in it natural collagen proteins responsible for making the body work harder for the purpose of protein absorption. Aloe vera also helps in the removal of toxins and cleansing of the colon

Two fresh aloe vera leaves are needed, peel them afterward and scoop out the pulp. Place in a blender already containing a whole cup of citrus juice (orange or grapefruit juice), it could also be water. Do the blending for 2- 3 minutes. This mixture should be taken continuously for a minimum of one month.

Green Tea:lean belly breakthrough

Green tea has proven to be another very useful remedy in the aspect of weight loss natural remedy. Green tea has in it epigallocatechin-3-gallate, this is one compound tested and trusted to help in the slowdown weight accumulation by limiting fat absorption and improving the body’s ability to use up fat. Green tea also has lots of other nutrients that are very beneficial to the body (vitamin C, zinc, carotenoids, selenium, and some trace minerals).

Taking 3-4 cups of green tea is every day enough to combat obesity. It can also be mixed with ginger tea or cayenne pepper.

Curry Leaves:lean belly breakthrough

People don’t really pay attention to the use of curry leaves, some even see it in their foods and eliminate it at a sight of it. But, do you know that eating ten (10) fresh curry leaves on a daily morning works as a great Ayurveda remedy. It deals with obesity & diabetes at the same time. Diabetes can be caused by obesity. Doing this consumption for up to 3 – 4 months is enough. Research has shown the curry leaves helps in lowering body weight and reducing total cholesterol counts and triglyceride levels in the body.

These are all essential elements that can actually make up a meal. To know how these elements can be added to meals and still solve belly fat issue see this!