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Batam Island Tourism :3 Places in Batam Mandatory Visited

Batam is the largest city in the Riau Islands are also famous as an industrial city. Its location is in the middle of the shipping lane close to Singapore and Malaysia. No wonder that the city of Batam includes fairly rapid economic growth. Unfortunately, the advantage that Batam is geographically not fully utilized in the tourism sector. Batam island tourism potential is not much exposed such as Bandung or Bali. In fact, the island has many interesting sights to visit with its own charm. If to Batam, the following is the tourist attractions in Batam that you must visit!

Batam island tourism

  1. BarelangBridge

If Jakarta has Monas, the island has Barelang bridge as an icon of the city. Barelang bridge was built to provide easy access between the small islands in the Riau Islands, the island of Batam, Pulau Nipah, rempang, Tonton Island, Pulau Galang and Galang Baru. With a length of approximately 2,264 meters, there are 6 bridge circuit in which each circuit is named after the king who once ruled the Malay-Riau region. The first bridge circuit called Fisabilillah bridge, two bridges named Nara Lion, the third named Raja Ali Haji, a fourth bridge named Sultan Zainal Abidin, the fifth named Tuanku Tambusai bridge, and the sixth named Raja Kecik bridge.

Because construction was initiated by B. J. Habibie, Bridge Barelang also often referred to by the local community as “Bridge Habibie”. Lots of travelers who stopped at this bridge is only for a moment to enjoy the beauty of the scenery around, and do not forget to take pictures with the background of the bridge-like “Golden Gate” in San Francisco, United States.

  1. NongsaBeach

Nongsa Beach presents the beauty of the crystal clear sea water, which were enhanced by the white sand. The ambiance was increasingly exotic beach because combined with the city views metropolis. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sunset at dusk, you’ll be treated to views of the twinkling lights of the skyscrapers in Singapore and Malaysia. This is because the geographical location of the beach is right on the edge of the Strait of Singapore. So no wonder, many tourists from neighboring countries that weekend at the beach Nongsa.

By the Government of Batam Authority, has made the tourist area of Nongsa representative for local and foreign tourists. Thus, here has already provided accommodation to five-star hotels, international standard resorts, rental of water sports facilities, golf courses, hospitals, ATMs, restrooms, and so forth.

  1. Mega Tour Ocarina

The Ocarina Mega Tour is a tourist area of approximately 40 hectares which offers a variety of games and shore excursions for children and adults in one location, integrated with concepts such as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol in Jakarta. The location is located in the luxury housing Coastarina, Pasir Putih Batam and is surrounded by ocean on Jl. Bunga Raya (Sadai), about 1 km from the port of Batam Centre.

Mega Tour Ocarina has a gigantic carousel (giant wheel) with a diameter of 30 meters and a height of 25 meters above sea level. While at its peak, you can see the whole view of the tourist area of this vehicle. In addition, there are also a games area jet skis, water bikes, children’s playground, three-dimensional cinema, water park, Karting arena, as well as an entertainment platform that overlooks the sea. Another uniqueness of this place are the 12 Chinese zodiac sculptures along the pedestrian path. Each statue comes explanations, nature of each zodiac with three languages, namely Indonesian, English and Mandarin.

Guide to Finding the Best Evening Desert Safari Tour Provider

A  evening desert safari is one of the most enjoyable trips in the country of Dubai. You can enjoy the different kinds of activities provided in this tour including dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing, camel riding, and an unlimited supply of refreshments like water and soft drinks. This kind of safari trip is offered by desert safari tour providers. The problem is that not all tour providers are good in giving safari services to their clients. Some tour providers excel in terms of their high quality safari services while others do not give enough satisfaction to their customers. For this reason, it is very important to find the most suitable tour provider for you. This article will teach you how.

 evening desert safari

Look for Details on Blogs, Websites, and Social Media Sites about Desert Safari Tour Providers

One way you can find a good safari tour provider is to look for blogs, websites, and social media sites that cover stories and experiences of people on safari tours. These stories will most likely tell if their desert safari trip was successful or not due to the safari provider they have booked tours with. If their stories are successful, then include those particular tour providers on your list while do not include those tour providers who fail to give good safari services to their customers.

Recommendations from Your Friends and Relatives

Your friends and relatives who have experienced a desert safari tour would also know some tour providers who are good enough for you to book a tour with. They can recommend you with the most satisfying safari tour providers. Make sure to include these tour providers in your list.

Evaluate the Factors to Consider

In addition, you will be able to find the most suitable tour provider for you by evaluating several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a desert safari tour provider. For instance, you should choose a safari tour provider who provides high quality desert safari services, offers their services at considerable prices, and offers flexible and satisfying safari packages.

Make sure to keep the aforementioned guidelines in your mind so that you will be able to have the best desert safari Dubai.

5 most popular Chinese Food near me with buffet you can find easily

Clearly you are wondering about 5 most popular Chinese Food near me with buffet you can find easily? Here you will get all the answers and information to your doubts relevantly.


Today, there are so many restaurants and hotels that are the Chinese buffet because it is certainly one of the more affordable and delicious meals out there that you can’t resist yourself. There are a number of dishes that are served in significant reasons to the people. If you are a person who likes to eat Chinese foods and always want it to be fresh and hot then you should really make some effort to find it. As a food lover if you are really fed up eating the same ordinary food in your local areas and can’t begin to find what to eat next then Chinese buffet is the place you should visit. It is not a meal name but something more where you get to see tons of fresh varieties of Chinese dishes all together.

There hasn’t been so much enthusiasm of Chinese meals since they have arrived to the western cultures. It is a new step for the both cultures to get to know each other in better way by sharing their foods and making ways. Because if you go to a party or for a business conversation they can be the best place you can ever asked for to impress your colleagues.

For this significant reason below we have listed some of the true facts about 5 most popular Chinese Food near me with buffet you can find easily to help you understand can they really offer so much meals in one place, and which one of them you can choose in the first place to pay them a visit.

1) The hometown buffet:

This restaurant offers some of the traditional Chinese foods in very reasonable prices. They are open for lunches and dinner you won’t have to wait longer and come with your friends and families. Their seafood’s are among the most favorite dishes in the USA.

2) The Asian buffet restaurant:

The most important thing about bringing the Chinese foods in the other places is to make sure they get to know how much they are truly magnificent in serving food and buffet is the tradition of China that has become so much famous where this hotel exceeds them all.

3) Mr. Chef’s buffet:

You will certainly get plenty of surprises and top quality Chinese foods in this restaurant. You will see that once you pay them a visit. If you live in the south California then you really need to see this amazing place.

4) China king buffet:

This restaurant offers more than 250 items you can ever find Chinese Food near me with buffet including seafood’s, traditional Chinese meals, Mongolian grill, and desserts in affordable prices.

5) Buffet city:

So if you are looking for some spicy and hot Chinese foods then this place maybe the right for you. This restaurant offers sushi, tofu, and other meals made with BBQ. They always make fresh and tasteful meals for group of people.

Chinese Buffet Near Me

Spent a holiday in Desert Dubai Safari

morning safari

I have always been captivated by desert safari Dubai but it was not easy to be there as I was facing few economical tensions due to some of my business hurdles. I had listened a lot about Dubai like tall and huge concrete buildings, shiny and clean roads, heaps of economical Chinese goods, beautiful beaches, deserts full of golden sand, Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Khalifa and much more that attracts not only me but also the people around the globe. This city is a gorgeous combination of modern technology and architectural designs.

When I planned to go to Dubai for a tour one of my friends suggested me to take a safari in desert of Dubai that is also known as Dubai dune safari. As I had no experience of visiting such a place so I decided to contact my friend who is working in Dubai Tourism Company. I asked him to arrange desert safari for me which he did in not time. After booking he confirmed me the date and time of departure from my hotel for  Morning desert Dubai safari ride.

After two days I receive a call from the driver who has to pick me from the hotel for desert safari. He told me that he is waiting for me at the front gate of hotel and time is very short. As I was already prepared to leave I left the room and in few seconds I was in the vehicle. This was not an ordinary vehicle because ordinary vehicles doesn’t go to such a deep desert which is full of sand dunes. It was 4 x 4 Toyota land cruiser with controlled environment to protect from the hotness of desert.

We enjoyed desert safari in the ups and downs of sand dunes. Driver provided us with thrilling and adventurous experience of dune bashing. In start I was frightened but after few minutes I became normal as there was no danger of mishap. The driver had a enormous grip on the vehicle so there was no need to be afraid of. After dune bashing we went to a camel camp where we took camel ride for 15 to 20 minutes. Our guide told us few stories of desert happenings which increased our knowledge about the desert.

Besides camel riding we enjoyed sand skiing and quad biking which was also an awesome experience in the desert. We also took photos of all our activities and saved the moments in the eyes of camera. When we will go back we will see this to remember these unforgettable moments. The desert safari experience was a great adventure and right use of holiday.