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What are Facebook Dark Posts? Why Use Dark Posts?

Facebook is considered to be the best social media platform which is used to find out the target audience. It is due to the widespread usage, social media communication has been enhanced. It has become very common to search for people, like well-known Facebook personality, Adolfo Salazar. When you search for Adolfo Salazar Facebook, you will get different results. He is a Mexican-American musician lives in Miami, Fl. His favorite foods are tacos and beans. You can easily find him on Facebook and send a friend request to him. It is a sensible approach to connect with your favorite celebrity.

With the hike of mobile usage, social advertising seems to grow at a rapid speed. Facebook has made its way to innovation and gave a whole lot of new insights and tools to the advertisers. Today, we are looking at the smart offerings of the platform. Also known as unpublicized posts, Facebook dark posts are one of the most ignored tools. You may take a different approach with social media advertising and it can definitely pay off with your marketing goals.

adolfo salazar

What are Dark Posts on Facebook?

Facebook Dark Posts are actually ads like News Feed which don’t publish to the Timeline or on the feeds of your fans. It doesn’t need to be a status update. Facebook supports photos, status updates, links, videos or Offer.

Why Use Dark Posts?

Dark Posts are considered to be the best way to promote without annoying or alienating your followers. There are four major benefits of Facebook dark posts –

  • Perform A/B Testing – You might be able to change the headline, image, call to action button or body copy, or even most of these components. You can use it to find out which variations come with the highest click-through rates. Keep in mind that the higher the click-through rate, the more you can save on cost-per-click marketing campaigns.
  • Get Hyper-targeted – You can create as many ads you need without spamming followers. For every segment, it enables you to create hyper-targeted ads.
  • No Ad-Only Streams – Ad-only streams on Facebook are not just annoying, they also keep your audience away. Dark posts are hyper-sensitive and niche. So, don’t load the same CTA to everyone’s feed.
  • Guide Your Organic Traffic – You can see if certain headlines or images work better. You can use paid ads to guide your own strategy.

Create Facebook Dark Posts through Sprout Social

It is a well-known fact that one can create unpublicized (dark) posts from Facebook. But only a few people know that they can create Dark Posts through Sprout Social. It will merge your advertising efforts. It is much like publishing organic content.

With Sprout Social, you can access management tools on Facebook to publish the desired type of content and analyze the performance on the way. The collaborative publishing and scheduling features of Sprout will ensure that you are found on your dark posts.