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Fundamentals of Ear Protection

Ear protection is required not only for preventing hearing loss, but also for balancing of critical brain functions. Exposure to excessive noise can lead to variation of motor balancing, often leading to stress development. This can result in emotional disturbances in the long run. If you happen to work extensively with firearms in the sports or hunting zones, you need complete protection of ears from impulsive noise conditions.

Design of Ear Protection Devices

The recommended ear protection device should be able to cover the whole ear. Swivel cup design can offer complete coverage of the external ear from the lobule region till the upper scaphoid. The auricle is said to be highly sensitive to touch. Consistent stress on it can produce irritating effects. Hence the high quality muffs use soft pads within the interiors to reduce the level of irritation to great extent. Wearing muffs with such pads for a long time keeps the auricle comfortable.

  • The rate of noise reduction is said to be directly proportional to the extent of filtering out the noise waves entering the ear canal. This can be done effectively by efficient foam. This can dampen the noise to audible levels.
  • The space within the swivel cup needs to be optimally balanced to create required level of vacuum. The angular curve from the center of muffs towards the lobule region of the ear determines the volume of space. In a scientifically designed cup this curvature is created to suit the standard structure of the ear.
  • The edges of ear protection device need to be coated with pads of sound filtering foam. They can match the contours of the c-shaped cross section of the ear. This is the kind of design which creates complete vacuum within the interiors.
  • The design of headband needs to be optimized for reducing the pressure on the skull region between two ears. At the same time it should fit in perfectly without shaking while walking and running. This sort of structure can be created with the help of padding to the head band (recommended thickness is 0.5 inches for safety and comfort).
  • The ear protection device needs to be adjustable for different head sizes. This can be done by providing vertical adjustments on the two ends of the muffs. Once the adjustment is done and worn they should not slide down due to stress while wearing.
  • Compliance with wear resistance feature is a critical factor which determines the long life of protective ear muffs. They can be used under varying weather conditions with minimum of cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Miscellaneous Features of Ear Protection Devices

The foam pads should be capable of absorbing sweat and keeping the inner space cool under hot and humid conditions. Replaceable pads are recommended to keep their freshness after prolonged usage. Heat resistant materials need to be used for the cups to avoid accumulation of heat within the inner space.

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