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Get Familiar with the Specifications of Top 10 Small Compact Car Models Australia

Do you have fascinations on SUVs?

Australia car industry established in the 20th century comes out with some really nice models today that would give you the inspiration to avail new cars with all smarter features. The expert car makers there understand the necessity and accordingly incorporate the features ensuring that users can handle the system without any difficulties.

Top 10 Models

Now, here are given top 10 small compact SUVs that turn out with all good attributes according to your needs.

Mazda CX-3

top 10 small compact SUVs

The main specifications are as follows:

  • 192Nm at 2800 rpm is the utmost torque you can experience
  • 109Kw at 6000 rpm is the highest power you can realize
  • The fuel tank gets a capacity 44 liters that are another good feature
  • The car uses unleaded petrol as fuel
  • The car uses Multi Point F/INJ type engine
  • The car carries a transmission type of 6 SP Automatic
  • Company gives a warranty of 36 months or for 999,000 kilometers

Honda CR-V

This is another great car where you can experience the following benefits

  • 9 SP AUTOMATIC is the transmission type here
  • The car uses diesel as a good fuel
  • 350Nm at 2000 rpm is the highest torque available
  • 118Kw at 4000 rpm is the total power making the car a good option
  • DIESEL TURBO F/INJ type engine improves the car strength
  • The fuel tank can hold diesel up to 58 liters
  • This company too comes out with 36 months warranty or for 100,000 kilometers

Apart from these, you can get certain other models also, which are mentioned here:

o   Ford Escape is recognized as the first company started producing automobiles in Australia. This model carries 4 SP AUTOMATIC transmission type along with a maximum torque of 199 Nm at 4000 rpm. And the car runs with unleaded petrol without any intricacies.

o   Ford Edge turns out with a Turbo Unleaded i-4 type engine and a torque of 199 Nm at 4000 rpm.

o   Honda HR-V is another good model with Multi Point F/INJ type engine. Here, the transmission type varies and thus you should be well familiar with the particular feature.

o   Don’t miss out the Subaru XV Crosstrek with transmission type as 6 SP Manual. The fuel used is unleaded petrol and the tank can hold fuel up to 60 liters.

o   Mazda CX-5 is the one nice model with MULTI POINT F/INJ type engine. 138Kw at 5700 rpm is the maximum power here followed by the highest torque range of 250Nm at 4000 rpm.

o   Subaru Forester is another good compact car model. It accompanies five sets that are the perfect for small families. It has the highest torque of 350 Nm at 1600 rpm along with a higher power of 108Kw at 3600 rpm.

o   Jeep Grand Cherokee carries a 8 SP AUTOMATIC transmission type and it runs on premium unleaded petrol.

o   Kia Sorento is a nice diesel based car carrying an active DIESEL TURBO F/INJ type engine.

Overall, you can get a clear view of the top 10 compact car models in Australia.