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Go snorkeling in Bonaire, to witness its beautiful underwater diversity

Well, if you have a thing for the corals, sponges and reefs, then you must go snorkeling in Bonaire. It’s the best and easiest way to reach out to those beautiful underwater sea creatures.

Spotting those colorful eels, blue tangs, shoals of fishes fleeting in and out of the coral reefs, while snorkeling in Bonaire, not only sounds exciting but is also a unique experience.So, if you have made up your mind to go visiting Bonaire, then make sure to go snorkeling at least once during your stay.

Bonaire, numero uno for snorkeling

Well, yes you heard it right, snorkeling in Bonaire is one of the hottest thing in the universe. Now, you must be wondering why:

  • Perfect place to go snorkeling. It has so many option for you to pick from.
  • Has a spectacular Marine life to explore
  • Most of the reefs in this island is really close to the shoreline.
  • Myriad options for photography, each time you dive in to go snorkeling in Bonaire

Shores to explore, as you go snorkeling in Bonaire

Wayaka 2

The best spot to go snorkeling in Bonaire Wayaka 2. Its shallow reefs makes it possible for snorkelers to get really up close and personal with the coral reefs and the reef fishes. It’s located at Bonaire’s national park. So, when you enter the park, just check if snorkeling is on at this spot, as many a time shallow reefs are closed due to weather conditions.

Te Amo

Anyone who has gone snorkeling in Bonaire, will vouch for Te Amo. This place has a heady combination of sand, surf and sunshine. Being a shallow reef, it has a fantastic sandy entry. Some of these reefs can be observed above water too. What makes it unique is the fact that it has options for both shallow and deep water snorkeling.


This is a another must visit spot for all enthusiasts who want to go snorkeling in Bonaire. This happens to be a spectacular diving and snorkeling site in Bonaire in fact the huge stretch of reef that lies uninterrupted. These reefs, interestingly, are deep enough to dive in and shallow enough to snorkel really close to the beautiful marine life.

Salt pier

Well, it’s a diving spot. But then, what many don’t know is the fact there is a lot of sea grass near the parking lot. Any guesses, what that means? Well, that means, if those snorkeling in Bonaire, don’t disturb then they could spot many turtles grazing in their marine world.

Tips for Snorkeling in Bonaire

  • The reefs here are well maintained. Don’t do things that might damage them.
  • They offer exceptional beautiful moments and places to capture on your camera. So, don’t forget to carry your camera along.
  • Rent a car, as it makes it easier for you hop and jump to best snorkeling sites available in Bonaire.

So, bring out your snorkeling gears, and jump into the waters to explore the majestic marine world that lies to be explored by you, as you go snorkeling in Bonaire.