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Hire a decorators cardiff today!

Painting your home to brand new condition isn’t an easy job to handle. With multiple factors to consider starting from the color of paint to the appropriate density required, painting your home is better off when it is dealt with by a decorators cardiff. A decorator is a professional who takes care of everything related to painting your house. Starting from the purchase of the best colors in the market to cleaning up after the job is done, is handled by a decorators cardiff who has years of experience doing the same for hundreds of clients just like you.

If you are thinking of renovating your house, giving all the rooms and the exterior a new coat of paint will be a great start. New paints will not only add a new look to your house, but it will also give a new feeling to you. Repainting your house is not a necessity, it is a choice. After many years of staying in the same colored room, your brain may decide one day that it doesn’t like the color of the walls anymore indicating that it is the time for achange. In a different scenario, you may see the paint fall from the walls, and it appears to have faded from some places. These and some other indicators give a clear sign that the time for a repainting job has come.

How often should you repaint your house?

There is no one answer to this question, but there exist several factors that serve as a clear indication when your house needs a repainting. The factors on which these signs are determined are-

  • The nature and type of cladding in your house.
  • The climate of the area where your house is located.
  • The number of years which has passed since the previous paint job and the quality of paint used in the last

The list given below states some important indication when your house needs to be repainted-

  • You can see the paint peeling from your walls when inspected carefully. A further delay will make the peeling more visible, and therefore it can be viewed from a distance.
  • While inspecting, you found that a lot of paint has fallen off from your wall itself.
  • The exterior color has faded so much that it is visible from far away.

How long will an external paint job last?

Although there are no hard facts as to the number of years your external paint job will last, but professional painters mention the below-

  • If your house is inwards and it gets a fair amount of sunlight, the paint on it should last 8 years or more.
  • If your house is near the coast, you need to repaint the exteriors once every 2 or 3 years as the humidity in the air is very harmful to


If you let experienced decoratorscardiffdo the paint job for you, it will last longer than a poorly budgeted paint job. That is why you should hire a decorators cardifftoday to get your external painting done!