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Golf is a very complicated game, and whosoever plays it knows that we do require a lot of equipment with us when we play this game. We need the clubs, irons, woods, golf balls and other equipment like the water bottle, towel, snacks, booklet and lot of other small things. So, naturally when you need to carry so many things during the game of golf then there should be a bag as well so that you can keep your belongings in one place.  Have you ever thought that who have invented this golf bags and from does this all started? This is what we are going to discuss. Here we will discuss the history of the golf- bags.

The golf is a game that got recognition from Scotland. At that time there was no sign of the golf-bag. At that time the players will just pick all the golf- set, tie it with a thick rope and go to the golf- ground. It was only in the late 19’s that the golf bag was invented and also a new golf- ball was invented.  It could also be called the club- bag. The bag was about 35 inches tall, and also had got metal protection on both the sides of the bag so that the shape of the clubs and irons remains protected and is not damaged.  The mouth of the bag at that time used to be very small at that time, it continued to be used the same was till the 1930’s.

The revolution in the golf- bag came after the Second World War. The small entrance at the golf- bag made it difficult for the golf- players to keep a lot of golfs at one place. It made the place in the golf bag very much congested one.  After sometime different types of golf bags were introduced for keeping a lot of golf sticks in it. The mouth of the golf- bags became much larger. So, it increased the convenience of the golf- players.

But afterward the invention of the golf- cart reduced the craze of the golf- cart to a great extent. Though many kinds of improvements were made in the golf- bag afterward, the golf- bag become very hard to be carried around as they used to become very heavy with all the golf stuff. But now with the invention of more new golf- bags, the possibility has increased to a great extent. There is so much more space in the golf-bag and you can put a lot of things in the new designs of golf-bags apart from the golf- stuff. It can have the towel, water- bottle, and even snacks. There are various famous brands that are manufacturing the golf-bags. There are various brands of golf-bags like Sun Mountain, Taylormade, Ogio, Callaway, Manali and much more.

So, these are some of the famous brands that manufacture golf-bags up till now, even though there are golf-carts giving tough competition to the golf-bags, but still, golf-bags are preferred by most of the golf- players.

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