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How to Personalize Audiko Ringtones

Selection of the song to edit is the first step in the personalization process of music with Audiko Ringtones maker. This can be done by browsing the lists of music files stored in your device storage. Advanced online tools allow you to select files from the browser interface. This will allow you to download part/whole song in real time for editing. The second step is to prepare the ringtone by editing the source file. This can be done by using plenty of online Android apps. You can download and install them on your mobile device or use them online through a browser. Make sure your device has the right hardware configuration to support the software tool.

Editing Tools for Audiko Ringtones

You can find plenty of Android apps for editing your favorite music online. Choose the one which fulfills all your needs. For this you may have to read through the reviews, watch videos and contact your friends in social network. Once you have chosen the right tool, download it into your device and install it. Most of the apps can self configure by detecting the hardware in your device. You may need to perform only a few fine tuning measures at the software level.

  • Start the App and open the music file you wish to edit. The user interface window shows you the graphical format of the file.
  • Your first task is to choose the start location. You can do it by dragging the vertical line which becomes visible once you click the “select start” button. Click on preview and listen. If this is the right place, you can confirm by clicking the OK button. Repeat the same process for the end point. Now you got the section of the music. You can check the options for fade out to increase or decrease the intensity. Then click the button to create the ringtone. Once the process is complete you can save the file with an appropriate name.

Advanced Personalization of Audiko Ringtones

This can be achieved by using additional tools and options available in the ringtone editor. For example you can add visualizations. For this you need to select the video from the list of available files in your device. Some of the advanced editors offer their own visualization effects which vary with the sound waves of the ringtone.

  • Use the graphics equalizer in the editor to achieve synchronization between the sound and visual effects. For a beginner it could be a tough task as you need to match the exact sequence. Working on sample tunes will give you the necessary experience.
  • You can find options to insert the lyrics and captions into the ringtone for which some of the editors offer options.
  • Play speed settings can be made with the control buttons. Specific speed settings can be made for sections of ringtone by marking. This will allow you to vary the speed according to your need.
  • Similarly you can find many other tools which can be used for advanced personalization of Audiko Ringtones.