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Knowing the whereabouts of your PAN card

know your PAN status

The little plastic card that is called the PAN card or the card with your permanent account number on it is one of the most important identity proof. The unique number that is on the PAN card is the number that is issued to every individual person, tax payers of India. The card is something which is permanent and the best thing is this that it remains unaffected even if your address changes and it remains valid. PAN card is needed for various causes; its importance is immense.

know your PAN status

The uses of this little card are many, such as.

  • The PAN saves deduction of taxes at higher rates.
  • Paying of direct taxes and filing tax returns.
  • Sales and purchases of vehicles.
  • Investment in securities that exceed the amount the fifty- thousand.
  • PAN is absolutely mandatory in all business activities involving large amounts and it is also a means to ensure security and safety of these transactions.


Having a PAN card is an absolute need and this can be had now without much running about or hassles, but from the comfort of your house. The NSDL and UTI websites provide for the attainment of the PAN card with sheer ease. Form number 49A is to be downloaded by all Indian residents for the filling up to obtain the PAN card, and form number49AA is filled by foreign citizens to apply for PAN card.

After applying for the PAN card it is necessary to know your PAN status, as to when will it be delivered because it is an extremely important document. Tracking your PAN card and knowing the status is no longer an ordeal, they can be easily tracked by logging into the official websites of NSDL or UTI. The process is simple and entails these steps.

  • Open to the NSDL official page.
  • Click on the window showing ‘track your PAN/TAN status’
  • After selecting the type of application, whether it is a new PAN or a reissue the acknowledgment number of fifteen digits has to be entered.
  • Then the next step involves filling in the name, as it exactly was written on the application form, with no variation at all.
  • Then enter the date of your birth exactly as it appears on the form.
  • If it is not a personal PAN and it involves a firm, then the adequate details regarding the business, partnership, the company has to be entered to know the status of the PAN card.
  • Then after filling in all the details correctly press the ‘submit’ option.


The status message for the PAN card will be displayed, and without any hassles, at all, you will be able to know all that you wish to know regarding your PAN card. But there is one thing that has to be kept in mind, and that is this that the PAN card should be tracked and its status looked into at least after a week has transpired from the date of submission of the application for the PAN card. Therefore, don not worry about your PAN card and its whereabouts anymore and know all about it, with these extremely easy steps.