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Open Broadcaster Software Review

Video streaming is not an easy task to do, especially when it comes to finding a software that could provide perfect video streaming opportunity. There are not many options available in the market except a few that come with a big price tag. Free streaming software mostly are the ones that provide low quality result with a handful of features that aren’t very helpful. As a result, instead of investing big money on some pricy alternative, a lot of us just give up on video streaming software altogether.

However, we have come to find an alternative that is beyond incredible and incorporates all the amazing features like any other high-end software. This post is about Open Broadcaster Software review as it is the only software that doesn’t charge a single penny and fully supports video streaming.


The reason why Open Broadcaster Software, commonly known as OBS Studio is easily the best is because it offers features that stand out. From audio mixing to capturing video and options of switching between transitions are just some key features that make the real time video experience worthwhile. It embraces filters such as masking, chroma key, color contrasting and color correction with facilities of suppressing noises in the background of your video. With OBS, users can add sources, adjust them without a hassle before putting your video to broadcast. There is an option for setting hotkeys for almost any action you want to take with OBS, including stopping or starting a stream, muting audio, switching between scenes, and many more.

OBS also offers a setting panel that is decorated in order to allow quick and easy configuration of recording and broadcasts. It is also lightweight, that is to say it offers performances compatible to any pricy option available. Moreover, OBS supports streaming to sites like YouTube live, Hitbox, Facebook Live, Twitch,, Dailymotion, and more.


Open Broadcaster does not come with an interface that is intricate enough to not provide a relaxed experience. However, it is still best if users quickly go through tutorials before jumping into the process of video streaming. OBS tends to be a little mysterious in the very start. Users might experience only little indication of how to use or what do to first, which is why they might feel trapped. But it is not like running the software and making error during the first try is unacceptable.

The best way to start your business with OBS is by running test videos first and then doing the task. The workflow will only appear to be intimidating to those who are novice, other than that it is not complex to be impracticable. Apart from that, Open Broadcaster is pretty good with its services as it offers 20 plugins and more to advance functionality. These plugins also include server ping, countdown implementation, and Teamspeak implementation.

The fact that OBS comes without a price is amazing. It supports almost all programs except for Windows XP, which is a shame and we wish that this little mishap is covered by the team hopefully in the time to come.

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