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The Philosophy Of car recovery Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi as the capital city of UAE is highly populated with rush hours throughout the day and it`s even worse during weekends and those are the risky timings where accidents take place as everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination. Abu Dhabi is considered as the second largest populated on road country in the GCC. Therefore, when you buy a vehicle through Abu Dhabi`s car dealership majority of the times they will hook you up with a car recovery Abu Dhabi services. These can be costly sometimes but surely pay off when you need them. These services are highly recommended in a busy state like such.


Car recovery Abu Dhabi provides one of the largest recovery services in UAE. With the quickest and most direct services in UAE, their package comprises of the following

  • Vehicle insurance

Provides full car insurance for the first 5 years by the first party companies, if the damage is caused by you or by someone else the company will cover up all the expenses of repair and fixture deducing only up to 4%. After that, you can always set a third party insurance companies.

  • Car registration

Register the car ownership entitlement under your name and all the traffic rules should abide else you will be charged the cost.

  • Expert advisory& maintenance guidance

You will receive a monthly maintenance with an advisory by the service providers, to use certain petrol type or certain speed limit to keep the engine in its best condition possible. You will be given a complete car check by the mechanic to tell you of any coming or possible threat.

  • Jump starts boost and battery fixtures

If your car`s battery runs out of the charge to ignite the engine or the terminal just got wrecked due to high shock or dissipate voltage errors. Their service vehicle drives all the way to your pinpoint location and give you a battery jumpstart and fixture or if required or just for your satisfaction a battery replacement will be given as well.

  • Tires replacement and refuel

Wherever you are in Abu Dhabi they services are just a call away, you can ask their assistance and get a busted tire replaced or if your fuel tank is out of fuel they will surely provide you with all the gallons you need to get back on the road and reach the destination as quickly as possible.

  • Roadside and off-track services

If you are on the track or off the track, if you have damaged any machinery or your just stuck in a place with no hopes to set the car free. All you need to do is contact them and all your problems will be fixed with complete guidance to give you the help you need.

  • Complete breakdown cover ups

If your engine overworked itself and is jammed on the track. Their service will set this misery away and with the best mechanics and staff of trained employee, they will surely get the car engine back to running.

  • Car towing

If the car is not working at all and the car recovery Abu Dhabi failed to fix it on the spot don’t feel upset you won’t be left stranded there but instead will be moved to a garage of their own and will be repaired just for you while you will be provided a lift to home. As the car get fully repaired, your car shall be delivered back with damage-free transportation.