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How To Prevent A Home Burglary in Belleaire Texas

Belleaire Texas is a wonderful community to live in. But with the declining economy and hardships many homes in Belleaire have been the target of burglary. After a home burglary experts agree that hiring residential locksmith services in Belleaire to help make you have peace of mind.

Recovering from the emotional torment after experiencing a burglary can be devastating and time-consuming. What can’t be recovered easily is the sense of security and the peaceful mind you once had before the break-in. Here are several tips to help prevent a burglary from ever occurring in your home thus saving you from emotional insecurity and the likelihood that you may have to replace items that could affect your finances.

Quick tips on how to secure your residential property:

Locking Your Doors and Windows

This may seem like a very simple task, but many of us have neglected it most times. Some thieves can break into a house through an open door or room window. They can gain easy access to a building because the owner left the windows open. Make sure your windows and doors are locked always. Experts say that over 23% of break-ins in Belleaire happen through the first-floor windows. This should be your ultimate priority. Don’t forget to secure your packing loft and lock your side doors as well.

Get an Indoor Dog

Dogs are often the best alarm system you can get. Thieves know how to go around most electronic security systems. The average thief has no problem with breaking through windows if there are no systems in the first installed. Dogs are not predictable. More often, thieves will pick a house they are sure is dog-free rather than risking being caught or bitten. A decision to adopt a family dog could save you a lifetime of pain.

Install Double Key Locks

Although installing the double key deadbolt can be dangerous in case of fire outbreak or any other emergency, security experts say that about 34% of all burglary attacks in Belleaire come in through the front door. Double key deadbolts are the kind of locks that require a key access to enter and exit as well. With this deadbolt lock, lifting your valuables becomes tough unless they break down your door.

Conceal Your Valuables

Make sure those things you value are kept out of sight from prying eyes. Especially if you own a big LCD, LED or Smart TV screen or a very expensive stereo system. Use sheer curtains that allow light into the interior but hinders the view from outside so that unwanted visitors wouldn’t see inside your property while you are away.

Make Use Of Strategic Landscaping

Having thorny rose bushes beneath the windows of your Belleaire home will make thieves think it over before deciding to go that direction. Also, keep your hedges and bushes trimmed to a reasonable point, leaving them with no place to hide while they intrude your home. Also, gravel or lose stones will help notify you when someone is approaching the house.

Don’t Announce Yourself

If you’re going out or will be away for a while, endeavor to purchase a timer that works automatically and turns lamps on when it becomes dark. Don’t tell people that you will be going out for an extended period.

And that concludes our quick blog post about what the average Belleaire resident can do to increase the security of their home. For assistance we recommend locating a Belleaire residential locksmith to evaluate your property.