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Review of Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine

Brother HC1850

If you’re searching for a sewing appliance that can deal with more than the basics all  you might like to take a glance at Brother HC1850. It can do multiple jobs, in addition to basic jobs. It is also good for the novice to maneuver. As reported by the users, the cost you pay for the machine is lesser than the features it has got. The computerized Brother machine is the ideal for both the sewers and the quilters. The machine is highly recommended by the users as it is hard to find any of its peers that include all the features.

The main features of the machines can be listed like this:

  • The easy to read large LCD display screen
  • 130 exclusive stitches including eight buttonhole style and other 55 monogrammed stitches
  • Three variable sewing speeds
  • Quick set and easy wind spool system
  • Can or can be operated with foot
  • The convenient stitch reference flips chart attached to the front of the machine
  • Eight feet pressers
  • Detachable tables
  • 25 years warranty

Laden with best and highest quality features, the machine is made, following ergonomics of sewing. From  simple middle range flexibility to adding ornamental stitches, project crafting, quilt creating, sewing of buttonholes and much more. As a user, you can edit the stitch using the push button. That you will get a better free-motion quilting with fourteen stitch functions is sure. With 130 different stitches that comprise heirloom, embroidery, and quilting stitches, it had never been easier for you to create the right stitches that follow your choice.

Brother HC1850

Why you should choose Brother HC1850 as your favorite Sewing machine

If you are in search of a sewing machine which can perform multiple tasks like monogramming, stitching,  quilting, Embroidery with small decorative stitches, then be sure the only option that you have is to buy Brother HC1850 sewing machine. There is no other sewing machine that can bring for you such a multifaceted feature.

Any sewer, be it a beginner or experienced,  this machine is dependable and very much helpful for their projects. The machine is remarkably heavy with a host of features, but extremely lightweight and suitable. It is the definitive choice of the trainees as it could be effortlessly carried to the fashion training classes. The machine is a grab-it-and-go-anywhere sewing machine. For the mobile sewers or the fashion designers, this machine is very handy to carry from one place to another.


As for the few drawbacks, some of the users complained about the missing of knee-lifter. Besides, no storage feature is available. Overall, Brother HC1850 is a superb product at a reasonable cost. It can answer all of your queries and can fulfill all of your sewing needs.

Every household  needs a sewing machine for performing some simple repair, general mending or apparel alteration. To the delight of the users of the sewing machine, the spec has touched the mind of every sewer. The fully computerized ready to use a sewing machine like this can take away all your worries and tensions. The sewer enters into a new horizon with the machine.