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Spent a holiday in Desert Dubai Safari

morning safari

I have always been captivated by desert safari Dubai but it was not easy to be there as I was facing few economical tensions due to some of my business hurdles. I had listened a lot about Dubai like tall and huge concrete buildings, shiny and clean roads, heaps of economical Chinese goods, beautiful beaches, deserts full of golden sand, Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Khalifa and much more that attracts not only me but also the people around the globe. This city is a gorgeous combination of modern technology and architectural designs.

When I planned to go to Dubai for a tour one of my friends suggested me to take a safari in desert of Dubai that is also known as Dubai dune safari. As I had no experience of visiting such a place so I decided to contact my friend who is working in Dubai Tourism Company. I asked him to arrange desert safari for me which he did in not time. After booking he confirmed me the date and time of departure from my hotel for  Morning desert Dubai safari ride.

After two days I receive a call from the driver who has to pick me from the hotel for desert safari. He told me that he is waiting for me at the front gate of hotel and time is very short. As I was already prepared to leave I left the room and in few seconds I was in the vehicle. This was not an ordinary vehicle because ordinary vehicles doesn’t go to such a deep desert which is full of sand dunes. It was 4 x 4 Toyota land cruiser with controlled environment to protect from the hotness of desert.

We enjoyed desert safari in the ups and downs of sand dunes. Driver provided us with thrilling and adventurous experience of dune bashing. In start I was frightened but after few minutes I became normal as there was no danger of mishap. The driver had a enormous grip on the vehicle so there was no need to be afraid of. After dune bashing we went to a camel camp where we took camel ride for 15 to 20 minutes. Our guide told us few stories of desert happenings which increased our knowledge about the desert.

Besides camel riding we enjoyed sand skiing and quad biking which was also an awesome experience in the desert. We also took photos of all our activities and saved the moments in the eyes of camera. When we will go back we will see this to remember these unforgettable moments. The desert safari experience was a great adventure and right use of holiday.