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The Ease of Electric Recliners

There’s a nice feel to anything which is electronic. When I bought a kayak, I decided to rig it up so that it would take a trolling motor. After I was done, although it had taken me a long time to figure exactly how I was going to do that, I could go up Canyon Lake 14 miles, and then paddle around. The ride up was a lot like it would have been if I had a butler. So, electric recliners are something like that.

If you look at electric recliners, they let you slowly and smoothly move into position. There’s no big jerk as the mechanism releases like on a Berkline and there’s no lever that you need to find in the dark like on a La-Z-Boy.

The Med-Lift 5053 Power Electric Recliner Lift Chair by Med-Lift goes for $924.68. The full chaise-pad gives you a lot of comfort, and there are three positions that you can recline. Since it has a low-voltage motor, you won’t have worries that you’re gong to get electrocuted.

Realize, of course, that even if it was 115 volts AC, it would still be insulated so you couldn’t possibly get a shock. Since the pillows have zippers in the back, you can easily wash them. The model 5053 has a lifetime warranty on the hardwood frame as well as the steel mechanism that lifts it. The Scissors hardware is also covered by the lifetime warranty, and everything else is warranted for four years.

The Firenze Electric Recliner has a price of $699.00. The quiet operation and smooth powerful motor allow you to slowly adjust to several seat angles. It has an Italian concept and the design is contemporary.

There are so many different kinds of electric recliners that you really have to get organized to determine just what your needs are. Do you have kids? A couch might be most appropriate. Remember that there are two-person loveseats, and even three-person couches (that’s what I decided upon).

A three-person couch is a monster, though. It weighs hundreds of pounds and takes two men to move it. Once you’ve bought it, it’s not moving easily.

Do you live alone? A comfortable armchair recliner might be just the thing. It’s small enough that you can slide it to another place in the room. Nobody else will be complaining that they want to use it and it’ll be comfy.

If you’re going to eat in it, make sure it has a washable surface. Electric recliners might short out if you ever spilled water in the mechanism.

If you like to rock because rocking always gave you an outlet for growing more calm, then buy a rocker. My Grandmother used to have a rocking chair, and I always liked rocking it with my toe. If you like that restful feeling, that’s why you buy a rocker. in my office, I have bought the most comfortable computer chair for all employees.

Do you need to move side-to-side? If so, you might want to purchase a swivel recliner. Lets say you have a coffee table next to you and you’ll be reaching for snacks as you watch the game. All in all, electric recliners are a great fit for many people.

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