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The Most Intelligent Innovation in Textile Industry

‘Brother’ is a well known reputed brand name in the textile industry. This company is a leading contender in providing every kind of sewing machine, irrespective of its size, nature and magnitude of work. The brother manufactured machines were employed in various textile industries to household usage. One of the most magnificent products under the umbrella of brother’s product length is its Brother SE400 sewing machine. This machine is very famous with individual users and to various company purposes as well. It is completely an automated computerized sewing machine, has a competence of providing a wide array of embroidery and almost every sort of stitching solutions.

Prominent Features

  • It is fully automatic and computerized embroidery and stitching machine. This machine is so much automated and well programmed that even putting the thread into the needle can itself be taken care by machine.
  • It has an inbuilt 67 Nos. of built-in stitches feature along with up to 70 inbuilt embroidery patterns, which allows people to carve out the alluring sort of embroidery designs over various fabric materials.
  • Whatever instructions were given or entered into this machine can be checked over the big display of this machine. This screen just not provides a visual of given command but also provides the option to rule out the various other function of this unique piece of equipment through properly visible guidance. There is the option of 16 different languages through which such commands can be implemented and can be seen and guided through its large LCD display.
  • A fascinating part of this sewing machine is that it can be easily connected to a computer or the internet through USB port, provided with the machine. This option has been made with a perception of obtaining more and more innovative and newly embroidery designs or another sort of stitching patterns directly from the internet or stored location of the computer. This helps people in giving the command to the machine so that it can carve out the desired graphics, directly from the internet.
  • It’s 4” X 4” field of embroidery is very much compatible with a hoop of 4” x 4”.
  • The five options of monogram fonts ensure the personalizing of items as well.
  • This machine has another intelligent feature as an automatic buttonhole which provides the finest quality of button fixing while stitching.
  • The entire procedure and functioning of this Brother SE400 sewing machine are amazingly quiet, which provides a workable environment without disturbing other persons around the arena.

brother SE400


This machine is a good option for both, personal and industrial use, as it is completely automatic and does not require any professional training to work with it. All it takes a proper command giving to have your work done. As it is compatible with the computer and silent in a process, it can be easily and effectively employed to industrial usage as well. This machine does not require lots of personal attention and one man can watch over the number of machines, which is very economical and price worthy for any industry.