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Top 8 Mac Tools Available for Free You Should Use

Even though Macs are the best computers with lots of amazing features in Apple’s OS itself, there are lots of free third-party apps which should be in every user’s Mac PC. These Mac free tools can do a lot for you, from cleaning up foreign language files you don’t require, cloning hard drive, to offering better features in order to read PDF documents.


In order to reclaim hundreds of MBs of hard drive storage, Monolingual is capable of doing a lot for you very easily and quickly. It can remove all the unwanted language apps that are installed on your Mac. You just remove and check international languages that are not required.  It is useful for MacBook Air that has a smaller memory than a lot of other Macs.


It is a unique behind-the-scenes tool which can give notifications about Direct Message tweets, new email, completed uploads and various other activities in your Mac. It can support around hundreds of chats, browsers, multimedia, file sharing, productivity, music, and download apps.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Mac free tools

With 500GB of external drives seem to be as cheap as iPod Nano, you don’t need to clone your whole Mac hard drive. It can create a bootable backup of entire Mac without lifting a finger. The backup can easily be scheduled to run on daily basis. In case your Mac crashes, you can just reboot from cloned drive.


If you are an avid PDF reader, we would strongly recommend you to start using Skim and ditch Preview PDF. It has 10 times more features for bookmarking pages and annotating documents than what Preview does. It is known to be the best free alternative to Apple’s default PDF reader.


Your desktop is something more than a space to display wallpaper and store files. With this tool, you can customize your desktop to show all information, such as date, time, weather or even tweets. You should check out what this app is capable of doing. It may appear a bit boring to Mac newbies.


QuickSearchBox from Google seems to be very user-friendly for you if you didn’t like Quicksilver a lot. This search tool amazingly finishes hundred yard dash just before the Spotlight from Apple can do at the starting line. With the help of QuickSearchBox, you can even Google from your desktop directly, rather than launch Google Chrome.


With the support of Quicksilver, you can easily keep your hands on your keyboard all the time. If you learn about using it, you can just activate it with keyboard shortcuts and type any URL, application or Address book contact that you wish to launch on the desktop. In fact, you can use it to activate features without getting the music player to the front.

Permanent Eraser

When the files are thrown in the trash, such files are never disposed of completely. You can use Secure Empty Trash feature in order to overwrite deleted files. It overwrites the data around 35 times, truncates the file size and scrambles the file name before it finally unlinks it from the PC.