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What is candidiasis of skin and nails?

aaIt is actually the kind of disease like the harmful infection of the skin with fungus (named Candida fungus). Now, what are the factors which cause this infection? There are some causes which are responsible for this disease in living organisms (humans). Actually, the human’s body holds many kinds of germs in it, like a variety of germs are hosted by the human body, like fungus or bacteria. Some of these are helpful or useful to the internal body, also external. Some have neither benefits nor harm to the body. But some of them are harmful to the living body and may cause many types of infections. Here, we are going to discuss what are the candidacies for skin and nails? First of all, we discuss the causes of this infection which occur on skin and nails due to Candida.


Many kinds of fungi live on the nails, outer skin and hairs of living body which causes the many types of fungal infections on nails and skin. These fungi included yeast in it named Candida, which causes the most.

Generally the skin is harmed or infected by the yeast-like fungi named Candida. This is such a common infection in humans. It may cause infection on any skin on the body, (we can say that any part of the body can be harm by this fungi). But mostly some proper body parts are become the victim of this disease and that’s groin and armpits. The candidiasis infection mostly caused by the Candida Albicans. Some special, I mean that have diabetes are more likely to be a victim of this infection. The other body parts also harm by Candida like nails, corners of mouth instead of skin.

The vaginal infection of yeast also occurs due to by Candida, but these are common infections and could be secure by taking antibiotics. People who seriously become weak immune system and candidiasis develops serious infection in their internal body.


Some symptoms occur when Candida infection of nails or skin occurs and it may cause intense itching.

Few symptoms are given below,

  • Red, growing rashes on the skin.
  • Rash on middle of the body, on the skin folds, on the genitals, buttocks, under the breast and other parts of the skin.
  • Hair also effects with this infection, because hair follicles infection that look like ugly pimples.

Various kinds of test also done by health provider or doctor, in order to personalized the disease. Or in order to give antibiotics.


The food or diet has high importance in this disease. Because the hygiene diet is important while treating the Candida infections. If you are victim of that kind of infection then your skin should be dry, and helpful towards exposed to air.

If your body is too fat (over weight) then losing weight exercise may be helpful in order to get rid of infection.

Sugar control for those who has diabetes, also helpful in order to get rid of the infection.