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William Shatner talks Star Wars, Pokemon Go and ‘Twilight Zone’ monsters

Star Trek fans, several of them clad as their favorite aliens or Starfleet officers, filled a 6,000-seat Metropolis theater to capability on Sabbatum to concentrate to Capt. church building himself.

In a Q& competeA session with Adam Malin, co-founder of Creation recreation, producer of the fiftieth day of remembrance convention here, William Shatner shared acquainted stories of Pokemon crossovers competes on original-series co-stars Elmore Leonard Nimoy and disforest Kelley. however things got each strange and profound once fans stepped up to microphones on stage floor and asked queries on Pokemon crossovers.


A young boy named Lincoln, wearing a blue “Next Generation” uniform, arranged out an issue that Shatner admitted he had ne’er detected before all told his fifty years of responsive Star Trek queries. Lincoln puzzled what Shatner would have worn out the notable “Twilight Zone” episode “Nightmare at twenty,000 Feet” if he had looked out the plane window and see the Gorn on the wing rather than the tiny fuzzy monster that was out there. The Pokemon crossovers was the lizard-like creature that attempted to kill church building within the Trek episode referred to as “Arena.”